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Amaresh Misra speaks on Mumbai Terror Attack for ABN (must hear) Click here for details

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1590 AM - Talk Show Chicago
Every Sunday

12pm - 3pm Central Standard Time (USA)
5pm - 8pm Greenwich Mean Time (UK)
10pm - 1am Pakistan Standard Time (PAK)
Studio Phone # 847-475-1555, 847-475-1556 and 847-475-1557 

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The shows starts off with light conversation between five young individuals who discuss current events and highlight the upcoming excitements in the Pakistani Community. They love playing jokes on each other ; thankfully they can only do this until 2pm :) At 2pm, Dr. Mujahid Ghazi  joins them in the studio and that is when the Talk Show starts. They call the famous personalities of Pakistan and converse with them about the current events. The callers are also allowed to call in and ask questions. Shahran Asim prepares an Urdu program called Mujalla which is played in the last hour of the program.

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